The Importance of Trustworthy Reviews on Amazon 

Jun 5, 2022

Product reviews have always been an essential part of the Amazon experience. They help customers by easing their shopping decision. Also, reviews enable sellers to understand what buyers like and how they can improve their products. Reviews on Amazon can significantly impact a brand’s reputation, conversion rates, and overall impressions. 

As Amazon is a customer-driven company, the role of reviews needs to reflect authentic shoppers’ experiences with purchased products. But how can you tell if the reviews are genuine and honest? 

This blog post will shed light on the importance of trustworthy reviews on Amazon, and the platform adapts continuously to allow only genuine product reviews. 


What’s the role of trustworthy reviews on Amazon? 



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Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy for product reviews designed to mislead or manipulate customers. The company continues to improve its review processes to bring only genuine reviews to shoppers. People perceive trustworthy reviews on Amazon as honest, truthful, and non-commercial opinions of customers who have used products.

So, what exactly is their role? Shoppers on the lookout for a new purchase often read reviews on Amazon to get familiar with a brand or product. An authentic and trustworthy review is there to help evaluate a product and ultimately persuade a shopper to buy it. If a product has no reviews, most people won’t purchase it simply because they don’t trust the brand. 

The best way to build customers’ trust is through getting reviews, which can take some time. Brands should avoid placing fake reviews as this can be easily noticeable and result in more product returns. 


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Throughout the years, Amazon has maintained a strict policy for safeguarding the trustworthiness of product reviews. It has banned sponsored reviews and created an Amazon Vine program that invites trusted Amazon reviewers to post reviews about products that can help other customers with their purchases. Through this program, Amazon Vine reviewers are encouraged to leave honest opinions. Whether positive or negative, they can significantly impact the customer journey.


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Why are product reviews important for customers? 


Product reviews on Amazon are a potent e-commerce tool, especially for customers and sellers. Online shopping has indeed become easier than ever, but one problem remains. Shoppers can’t test out the product before buying it to see if it will be the right fit. 

Luckily, there is a way to avoid buyer’s remorse, and it comes in form of reviews on Amazon. They provide proof and transparency and help customers gain the much-needed trust they are getting what they are paying for. And not only that. Shoppers also like to read reviews since it helps them be more informed about their purchases. 


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Why are trustworthy reviews important for sellers? 


As we said before, reviews are valuable for online shoppers and sellers. Also, increasing rankings in Amazon search results is essential. And for that, you will need product reviews. A large number of positive reviews is a sign of a high-performing product. So the more reviews there are on the listing, the more likely Amazon is to suggest the brand to customers. Brands should do their best to obtain these reviews. Because, without any, the products won’t show up on the first page of search results, and they will receive minimal traffic to listings. 

Also, the overall Amazon selling strategy depends on reviews. If the brand only pays attention to one approach to drive traffic to the listing, that won’t convert into sales. Remember that the percentage of positive reviews greatly affects how many sales an item can generate. It’s always good when the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones because people will feel more comfortable buying products.

Also, the number of reviews a product or a brand posses impacts the SEO, as online reviews are factored into Google search results. The higher the rating, the more likely that Amazon will see the brand as successful in providing for that keyword. And in doing so, the algorithm will suggest it more to shoppers.

Consider reviews on Amazon as a free marketing tool since a good, trustworthy review can help create a positive brand image. These positive reviews are also continuously assisting new customers in their purchasing decision. 




As we know, Amazon has always cared about customer satisfaction, so it will continue to improve its review processes. In addition, customers have gained more knowledge and become more comfortable writing and discovering trustworthy reviews on Amazon. 

Reviews on Amazon are important as they give customers peace of mind knowing that they are shopping with confidence from brands whose reviews are authentic. It’s no doubt this trend will continue in the future. 


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