Wild PPC Bunch podcast is now live!

What do you get when you combine Lazar from Sellers Alley and Brent from AMZ Pathfinder? An explosion of valuable tips and effective ways to get your PPC campaign up and running! Listen to this podcast to enjoy the adventures of these two PPC nerds who can’t wait to lead you through advertising on Amazon, step by step.

The Wild PPC Bunch Facebook group was formed years ago for knowledge exchange, and now its members, Lazar and Brent, are ready to share all the cool stuff they have learned about PPC advertising through the years.

We promise you will get hooked and await every episode like you’ve waited for another GoT episode to premiere!



Lazar Žepinić is a PPC expert with ten years of experience and the owner of Sellers Alley, a growing marketing agency. You may think that PPC advertising can be tough as pronouncing his surname, but don’t worry, it’s a lot easier! This guy likes the 80s and PPC, and if you want to get to know him, his labrador has to like you first!
When you ask him if he likes his PPC job, he will tell you that it’s not a job but a harmonious melody of numbers and passion for advertising. Being a PPC nerd led him to work with brands like Samsung and Sony and lots of 7-9 figure Amazon sellers.
Now he wants to give you this eternal flame of knowledge with lots of valuable tips and tricks. He promises that if you find yourself attached to the ever-evolving world of PPC advertising, you won’t have to work a day in your life since it will transform into an obsessive passion!

Brent Zahradnik is the founder of AMZ Pathfinder, an Amazon-focussed agency that since 2015 has worked with businesses in North America and the EU to scale and optimize their advertising sustainably. Brent is from the United States but lives in southern France. Besides PPC advertising, he is obsessed with bikes and rides over 100 km weekly when the weather is nice. Cool, right?
His dive into the Amazon PPC world started unexpectedly. As a good friend, he wanted to help his buddy sell stuff on Amazon. He had some previous experience with advertising, so step by step, his friend’s ROI increased significantly! After this, it was clear that PPC advertising was his dream career.
Now he wants to share all the cool stuff he has learned through the years and help you become a PPC mastermind and have your sales skyrocket!

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