How to choose the right eCommerce marketing strategy for your business?

Oct 1, 2021

Choosing the right eCommerce marketing strategy is one of the top priorities if you own an eCommerce business or manage the marketing for one. People use different approaches, and basically, someone’s creativity is the limit. Read on as we cover various marketing options that people can select depending on the current stage of business. 

It comes down to a few primary groups–people who have just started an eCommerce business, a business in a development phase with a steady income stream, and a well-known brand/business that is one of the best sellers in the niche. Depending on which category you belong to, you’ll better understand how to choose the right eCommerce marketing strategy.


When you’re starting a new business, you most likely have a limited budget and can’t afford to throw your money away on non-profitable advertising. The next step is significant, as it will determine the speed of your business development. Before creating your eCommerce marketing strategy, you need to think about all the platforms and develop a solution with the most profitable platform for a start. If you’re selling both on your website and Amazon, plan a strategy for Amazon first and use Amazon’s leverage to gain trust and brand awareness as a start. It will be more profitable than launching Google ads and targeting people interested in that niche having no background in your eCommerce business. 

A great thing to do at the start is to target good-selling products with good traction and a solid number of reviews, but only if you can leverage something against them. A good example is a lower price or a higher number of items received for the same amount of money. That way, you’ll be able to steal some moments that the other sellers are having. After you’ve made profits, look into starting marketing on different platforms.


It’s an equally challenging position as you’re in a very vulnerable place. You’re not a startup anymore, but you haven’t yet established a significant presence. You’re making a solid amount of money and can use a part of it to reinvest into marketing and expand your reach. If you’ve started with Amazon, a good next step is to advertise on Google. Google Shopping ads provide a substantial source of revenue for eCommerce businesses. Let’s assume that you have something to back up your products on your website–reviews, for example. Creating Smart Shopping campaigns on Google can be great as they are indeed smart. They push your products in the right direction and bring you tons of sales.


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Along with Google, you should also think about using other platforms for the eCommerce marketing strategy. Facebook is another excellent choice! With its fantastic audience targeting, you’ll be able to drill down into different audiences and combine them to achieve the best results. Re-investing is the way to go in this phase, and your focus should be on business scaling and spreading across all the platforms.


So far, you’ve done a great job–your brand and business are well known, your products are top-notch, and money is coming from all the platforms, but you’re wondering–what to do now? The work doesn’t stop here, as you can grow further and get more brand awareness. The best way to do this is by using all the platforms as leverage. 

Use Facebook and Google to advertise your brand in general and target different audiences that might not be interested that much. Another great option is to use TikTok to increase brand awareness and connect better with your customers. 

TikTok is a trendy platform with a vast user base of all ages. Starting ads on TikTok can bring a lot more clicks to you and increase your brand awareness. Targeting unknown audiences and people interested in specific creators who might have something to do with your selling products is a great way to gain many clicks and impressions. 

In addition, TikTok is more affordable than other platforms, so you should not miss this opportunity. You can also use TikTok’s organic side by generating creative challenges and videos that will bond your brand and buyers. Customers appreciate when they see that a business isn’t there only to take their money. Instead, they feel a connection between the brand and themselves.


There are tons of variations in the cases and categories mentioned above. It’s up to you to refine them and get the best results from your business and eCommerce marketing strategy. Determine what phase you are in, what products you’re selling, and who is your target audience. Use our advice for each category and make appropriate adjustments to maximize your business potential. See what you can achieve with ads on Amazon, Google, Facebook, and TikTok and select the right advertising platforms for your business goals. Here at Sellers Alley, our team of young and results-driven PPC specialists is ready to help you achieve your business goals with a tailor-made marketing strategy. Be sure to check our services on the website!

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David Radovic

David Radovic is a senior PPC specialist at Sellers Alley with over four years of experience in Amazon PPC, Google Ads, Facebook ads, and as of last year, TikTok advertising. He has been a huge part of Sellers Alley growth, and has managed multiple seven figure sellers which also includes developing business and marketing strategies, which resulted in scaling of their businesses.

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