Top Amazon Ads Features in 2022 

Jan 5, 2022

Amazon has seen incredible growth since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With constant changes, the introduction of new options for creating campaigns, and new metrics tracking parameters, the company continuously improves its business. Innovations introduced by Amazon have significantly improved the results of online sellers and advertisers. In this article, we’ll cover some of the Amazon Ads features and predictions for this year. So, let’s begin!


Growth Opportunities 


Use this option to see all ASINs that can grow and had an increase in the past 30 days. You can check sessions, conversions, and BSR (Best Sellers Rank) for these ASINs. The new Amazon Ads feature gives you insights into how you can cleverly pull out the best-performing ASINs and push them further. This will be an important metric for scaling businesses in 2022.  Knowing your strengths when approaching customers and their needs presents a key step to eCommerce success and bigger sales. 

With this feature, there is a customized list of actions based on various factors, such as assessing products’ sales potential and the sales lift experienced by other sellers after completing the recommended action on similar products. 


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You can access the Growth Opportunities page by clicking “Growth” on the top navigation menu in Seller Central and selecting “Growth Opportunities.” 


Amazon Ads features


Budget Option  


Another great option to improve your business in 2022 is budget optimization. Increase or decrease budgets according to campaign performance. You can track conversion rate, click-through rate, and ACoS (Advertised Cost of Sales).   

With this new feature, advertisers can set budgets in advance using two rules for specific dates and shopping events. 


  • Schedule-based rules With this feature, advertisers can set budgets in advance for special events such as Prime Day or Christmas holidays. It will increase a campaign budget by the specified percentage during a date range set in the rule or during a selected special event.
  • Performance-based rules – With this feature, advertisers can set rules to increase Sponsored Products campaign budgets only when campaigns meet a certain performance threshold using campaign performance metrics such as Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS), Click-Through Rate (CTR), and Conversion Rate (CVR).  


Amazon Ads features


Note: Campaigns must have a minimum daily budget of $10 to use the performance-based rules. 


New Amazon Ads Features in Sponsored Display   


Sponsored Display campaigns will be the biggest sensation in the Amazon world in 2022. Amazon has been visibly focusing on these campaigns in the last year.

The company has released many Sponsored Display campaign features, and it’s getting better results every day. It seems like 2021 was a test and warm-up period for this year’s Sponsored Display popularity.   

With these campaigns, sellers can grow their business by reaching relevant audiences on and off Amazon. They use auto-generated display creatives that help inspire purchase and have the familiar Amazon look and feel. 

Based on the targeting options you choose, your ads can run on Amazon desktop and mobile, both on detail pages and across other Amazon pages. You can configure ads to reach audiences off Amazon across third-party publishers. They use brand safety tools to help deliver ads to trustworthy placements next to relevant content. When shoppers click on an ad, it leads them to a product detail page. 

Here are some of the recently released Amazon Ads features:


  • Sponsored Display custom image 

Previously available only for Sponsored Brands campaigns, a Custom Image is now an option for Sponsored Display campaigns as well. There is a higher possibility of getting customers’ attention and consequently greater conversions.  


  • Purchases remarketing  

 The purchases remarketing strategy helps sellers engage audiences based on their historical purchase behaviors during a lookback period based on chosen criteria. With this campaign type, sellers can reach shoppers who purchased their products or other related products, product categories, brands, and other product features. The lookback period for views extends up to 90 days, and the lookback period for purchase extends to 365 days. 


  • Bid optimization for vCPM and page visits 

Bid optimization strategies allow advertisers to specify their metrics for Sponsored Display to optimize against when bidding for impressions. Ads will be displayed depending on the chosen metric. If it is vCPM, bids will be optimized for driving more viewable impressions to help drive product awareness. Optimize for viewable impressions uses a cost per thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) model, where sellers pay per thousand impressions that shoppers viewed instead of per click. 

With this bid optimization strategy, relevant ads will be served to appropriate audiences to maximize reach while optimizing against frequency to help drive post-view engagement. These campaigns are more likely to have a higher viewable impression scale and lower click-through or conversion rates than other bid optimizations. 

Note: You should consider how high to set a bid when bidding. The bid is higher within this type of campaign than in other campaigns. So if you set a bid at less than $3, your ads might not lead to viewable impressions. 


  • Sponsored Display portfolio  

Another new and practical feature within Sponsored Display campaigns allows you to put this type of campaign in a portfolio. This way, all types of campaigns for a particular product can be located in one place. It significantly facilitates metrics tracking and gives a clearer picture of a product’s performance and success. 




Driven by rapid changes in the eCommerce world, Amazon strives each day to improve and bring its business to a higher level. The new Amazon Ads features and innovations help online marketers and sellers to maximize profits. 

2021 was a year of significant changes on Amazon, including the platform’s appearance and the introduction of many new options for creating campaigns, tracking metrics, and optimization. All these changes will significantly improve online selling in 2022.  

Growth Opportunities, Budget Rules, and upgraded Sponsored Display campaigns will contribute to the growth and scaling of eCommerce brands. Also, advertisers will strongly focus on remarketing in 2022.

Are you looking for a team of experienced PPC specialists ready to implement new Amazon Ads features and the latest marketing trends in your advertising strategy? Look no further! At Sellers Alley, we have what it takes to skyrocket your eCommerce business in 2022. Schedule a meeting with us to learn more! 


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