PPC Ads Update: Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands Automated Keywords Translation

Jan 20, 2022

Last year Amazon rolled out many features that sellers wished for, and one of them was Automated Keywords Translation. Due to the targeting types, a new translation tool is available for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands advertisers. It was launched in December, and now is the time to sort out the most valuable information about the update and whether it matches sellers’ expectations. 


What is Automated Keywords Translation?


Amazon’s Automated Keywords Translation is a tool accessible in the Ad Console that allows sellers to translate their keywords into languages of the new marketplaces they want to sell on. 

To be completely transparent, if you used to sell products only in the USA, and now you’re planning to sell in Germany, there is no need to translate your keywords on the outside platforms. The same goes if you used to sell in Germany without advertising and now want to launch PPC advertising. Instead, all you need to do is copy the list of relevant keywords from the ad campaign of the original marketplace and paste them in the Keyword targeting section in the window below the part where you choose Match type. 


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Automated Keywords Translation

Automated Keywords Translation


Afterward, press the button ‘Add keywords.’ You’ll see a list of translated keywords on the right side, including match type, suggested bids, and your bids. 


Important to know: 


  • The tool is available for vendors, sellers, and KDP authors.
  • It’s only possible to translate keywords into the country’s language where you plan to advertise. Meaning sellers can’t translate keywords into Italian while creating an ad campaign to advertise in the Netherlands. The same works for reverse translation. While creating an ad campaign in Germany, sellers can’t translate keywords from German to English, and the word will be translated. However, the targeted word will still be in German. 


Automated Keywords Translation


  • In case the seller was initially advertising in English, Amazon won’t offer translation options on the marketplaces like the UK, AUS, US, etc. 


Why is the Automated Keywords Translation update important?


Here are the reasons why Automated Keywords Translation is helpful

  • Comfortable and fast translation of semantics that saves a lot of time
  • An opportunity to increase sales through other marketplaces. In Europe, delivery works to all European countries. That’s why advertising in different languages in Europe is vital
  • Extension of the brand audience; development of brand awareness because of entering marketplaces in other countries


Notwithstanding the advantages of the new tool, there are some challenging points sellers need to consider before launching the ad campaign with keywords translated in the tool.

What else to consider before targeting keywords translated in the new tool? 


No doubt, Amazon has brightened sellers’ advertising experience with the Automated Keywords Translation tool launch. Nevertheless, there are some obstacles between the user and its easy use.

The translation of Exact Match Keywords should be quite simple, considering that these keywords usually have a simple structure. The complications might start with Broad Keywords or Phrase Match Keywords. Their structure is more complex, and no online translator is perfect. 

If the translation is wrong, the ad might show up to the wrong, irrelevant, or, in a better case, to no searches at all. To avoid this problem and unnecessary budget waste, do your research with keywords that consist of more than two words and make sure that the translation is correct. 

Besides the mentioned factors, advertisers need to remember that the new marketplace often has “new thinking.” Customers think differently, and they use completely different search terms. That’s why sometimes sellers need to rebuild their ad campaigns almost from scratch and build a semantic core from the beginning. 

Before launching the campaign, check if the keywords are trending and index the translated keyword. When customers use a specific search term, your listing shows up to this search term if it exists in the search result, and this search is indexing on your listing. 




Automated Keywords Translation is just a small blick on the new horizons that will open for Amazon sellers. Soon it will be much easier to sell products all over the world. Just don’t be afraid to optimize your ads and “go out of your comfort zone” to sell in new countries. 

About the author

Ihor Dubovetskyi

Ihor Dubovetskyi is the Amazon Advertising Expert and Founder of Profit Whales. As a full-service marketing agency for Amazon brands, it accelerates sales growth using ON & OFF Amazon traffic. This gives brands an edge over competitors and diversifies the revenue streams while increasing a business evaluation.

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