New Ways to Follow Brands on Amazon

Mar 15, 2022

In this blog post, you will learn about new ways to follow brands on Amazon. Every brand owner on Amazon knows how crucial it is to elevate your brand awareness with the help of all possible existing tools. The list starts with Sponsored Brand ads with their complex campaign structure. It continues with highly effective questionnaires within Amazon Brand Lift that, basically collect sufficient data directly from the source. 

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it isn’t the number of helpful features for improving brand awareness that defines the success of that objective. It is the ability to get information easily and without any extra actions. 

The easier it is to engage with a brand on Amazon, the more customers will want to engage with a brand. One of the newest features that make the connection between a brand and customers even closer is Brand Follow. 

What is Brand Follow? 

Brand Follow is an Amazon feature launched in October 2021 that allows Amazon visitors to follow brands on Amazon. Customers just need to click on the button “Follow” to submit that they want to see all the updates of the brand 

Important to know: 


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  • Every seller in North America that has a Store also automatically has the Brand Follow feature across the visible for buyers tools. 
  • Amazon sellers can monitor their Follower Count in Store Insights and Post Publisher. 

Where does the button “Follow” appear?

There are three places where the button “Follow” appears: 

Follow Brands on Amazon

  • At the upper right corner of Posts, and during Amazon Live.Follow brands on Amazon

Why is the Amazon Brand Follow a helpful feature?

Besides the fact that Amazon majorly simplifies the process of connecting brands with potential customers or already existing ones, it also improves brand loyalty and enlarges the number of Amazon visitors who will know about the brand’s news.

For example, when customers enter a Brand Store on Amazon, they are impressed by the visual assets of the Store and the products in general. However, they don’t find the exact product they need. The button “Follow” on the extremely visible place helps them not lose connection with the brand.   

Next time they’ll be reminded of the brand and will return to the Amazon Store to check what’s new. Such an engagement boosts the chances for a sale.

The same rule applies to the Posts. Customers see the related to their search Posts, and they like the products. They will want to look at the product details and image closer. However, before that, buyers have an opportunity to hit the “Follow” button and see the other products of the brand in the future. It might return them to your brand, and they might want to buy your products. 

Why does the button “Follow” have to be in multiple places?

Let’s be honest, even if customers truly love your products and would like to be notified about the next products the Brand will present on Amazon, if it is too difficult to find the way to follow the brand, nobody will do it. 

It is essential to have the button “Follow” in many places and not miss out on a chance to bring more customers closer to your brand. The more buttons “Follow” will be across Amazon, the more customers will come back to your brand again and again. 

At first sight, the Brand Follow update might seem really primitive. But, despite the first impression, without it, brands wouldn’t be able to reach as many followers as they have right now.  

About the author

Ihor Dubovetskyi

Ihor Dubovetskyi is the Amazon Advertising Expert and Founder of Profit Whales. As a full-service marketing agency for Amazon brands, it accelerates sales growth using ON & OFF Amazon traffic. This gives brands an edge over competitors and diversifies the revenue streams while increasing a business evaluation.






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