How to Write a Great Amazon Product Description

Jun 16, 2022

Did you know that the Amazon website has over 2 billion monthly visits? While some people use the platform to browse, search for info, compare products, and read product reviews, most are there to buy. Amazon ships over 66,000 orders per hour, and many finished orders on Amazon are the product of a simple search result. This brings us to our next question. Do you know what it takes to write a great Amazon product description? We will provide detailed answers in this blog, so keep reading. 

How to create a great Amazon product description without a copywriter


If you can follow simple Amazon rules for product listing and know a thing or two about SEO, you can consider doing the product description optimization on your own.

Of course, having an Amazon listing copywriter is excellent, but you can also write winning product descriptions if you follow our tips and tricks. The first step is to conduct keyword research and find relevant keywords. After this, do your best to place them in your product title, features, description, and Amazon’s backend keywords.

Let’s get into more details. 


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Choose the best keywords for your Amazon product description


The keywords you will use have to reflect what your customers are typing into the Amazon search bar. Since Amazon logs all the searches people make, you will have insights into which search queries are popular.

After conducting keyword harvesting on Amazon, ‌create a list of relevant keywords and decide on the most accurate ones according to what you sell.


Create content for Amazon product description tabs


Vital Info

This section refers to the product’s name, manufacturer and brand name, color, size, etc.


If your product comes in various colors and sizes or any other distinct varieties, indicate that in this section. Once you choose a variation, more options will be revealed to provide further clarification.


This section serves to generate a seller’s offer. Obligatory fields include standard price (the real price of a specific product), sale price and sale start/end date (in case the product goes on sale), quantity, item condition (new/used), and handling time (also called production time or Lead Time to Ship).


The pictures you use must follow Amazon product image requirements. Use as many as you can to present your product and its benefits.


The Description tab includes Key Product Features and Product Description.

Key Product Features

This section has five fields for product features that will show up as bulleted points. Each one can have up to 250 characters with spaces. Use this as an opportunity to implement your keywords.

Product Description

Use short sentences that are easy to understand and grab customers’ attention. Do your best to address the needs, benefits, and problems, and provide the solution. Use up to 2000 characters to say the most important things, and don’t forget to include your keywords.


Use Search Terms, Platinum Keyword, Subject Matter, Other Attributes, Intended Use, and Target Audience. These tabs are a crucial part of your Amazon listing. The information placed in them is not visible to users, and only the Amazon algorithm uses them. Those keywords will be used whenever customers search for your products or items related to what you sell.

More Details

This includes info like weight, shipping weight, dimensions, etc. It’s the easiest part because you need to fill only those tabs related to your product


Stay truthful on Amazon


When writing your Amazon product description, ‌give a concise, detailed, and honest overview of your product. Mention its features and benefits, but stay focused on your product’s uniqueness. 

Highlight the best ways to use the product but be honest about its limitations. Being genuine while creating an optimized Amazon product listing is very important as this will help you gain customers’ trust and loyalty. 


Use Amazon’s product listing style guide 


Amazon’s product listing style guide will help you understand the rules when listing your products on the platform. It’s straightforward, so you can easily follow the rules. It provides everything you might need to know to create the best Amazon product descriptions for your customers and the algorithm.


Ten things to DO with your Amazon product description


  1. Keep it informative and to the point
  2. Focus on selling the product’s benefits, not its features
  3. Know the character limits: Title (up to 200 with spaces, depending on the category), Features (250×5 with spaces), Descriptions (2,000 with spaces)
  4. Use the title formula (Brand + Model Number + Product + Product Type/Color/Size)
  5. Use bullet points to break down long descriptions
  6. State what’s in the box, the number of items in a pack, etc.
  7. Be honest about the product’s limitations
  8. Provide high-quality images
  9. Optimize Amazon product descriptions to gain more organic traffic (Amazon SEO)
  10. Follow the Amazons Product Detail Page Rules on Seller Central

Ten things to AVOID with your Amazon product description


  1. Written promotional material (ads)
  2. Promotions or “special” offers
  3. Watermarks or logos on images of your product
  4. Reviews/testimonials in the product description
  5. Pushing people to leave a review
  6. Spoiler info for books, movies, etc.
  7. Links to other websites
  8. Open invites to seminars, lectures, or tours
  9. Personal information (email/personal address, phone number)
  10. Offensive content



Amazon product description greatly influences the customer’s purchase decision, and you shouldn’t underestimate its power. When writing product descriptions for Amazon, make a balance between being customer-oriented and problem/solution-oriented.

Perform detailed keyword research and create content for each tab mentioned earlier in this blog. Analyze and understand Amazon’s product listing style guide and always be honest in your product descriptions. 

Last, follow our lists of top things to do and avoid, and start writing a great product description for your brand on Amazon!

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