Cross-Country Campaigns in Sponsored Products: Who Can Benefit From It?

Apr 28, 2022

Sponsored Products ads (SP) accompany Amazon sellers from the beginning of their journey on the platform. Their tricky structure, complex functions, and placements are unique. However, Sponsored Products look like organic results, which is very beneficial for sellers. Such characteristics allow SP to have high average conversion rates (~10%).  

Likewise, SP targeting options affect advertising performance. Manual targeting settings for products, bids, and budgets require optimization from time to time. Auto-campaigns are less complicated. Nevertheless, Amazon still provides additional features to support sellers in their wish to save as much time as they can on ad creations. One of the features is cross-country campaigns


What Is the Cross-Country Campaigns Feature in Sponsored Products? 


Cross-country campaigns in SP are advertising campaigns that can be automatically launched in multiple countries simultaneously.  


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Each of the campaigns doesn’t need any complementary adjustments to be launched and function because all campaign’s aspects are adjusted automatically. If advertisers want to change something in the campaign of any targeting country, it’s possible to do so.  

Important to know:  

  • The update is available for three countries: the USA, Canada, and Mexico 
  • Vendors and registered sellers can utilize the new option
  • Cross-country campaigns are accessible in the Advertising console and Amazon Advertising API

This function is a duplicate of a similar update in Europe.  


Cross-Country Campaigns

Who Can Benefit From Cross-Channel Campaigns in Sponsored Products?  


In October 2021, Amazon introduced a cross-channel campaigns function to automate sellers’ work and help them save a lot of time. Earlier this year, the same option was provided to European sellers. 

Launching to other marketplaces automatically can really save plenty of time. Although, it’s primarily considered for new products on the marketplace as one of the basic actions for advertisers that start to sell on Amazon or launch a new product.  

Inexperienced advertisers can select auto-campaigns and, for example, launch them in all three available countries. Advertisers who have been selling already for some time, know their profitable campaign structure, and have lists of collected high-frequency keywords and negative keywords will more likely lose from auto-campaigns and even more from cross-channel campaigns.  

Amazon beginners collect valuable data from auto-campaigns for manual campaigns in the future to build them on the system that has performed well. Advertisers note necessary budgets, best keywords, and bids that keep the ads active and thriving. Later, they apply the knowledge in campaigns made with their own hands.  

For the proficient sellers, cross-channel auto-campaigns are simply a step back because they have already accomplished the task of researching which assets a successful SP campaign demands.  

Important: Despite the general claims that the budgets and bids are localized for each country, the truth is that each country has its own prices.  


Final Words 


Amazon constantly floods sellers with helpful updates, and although useful, they aren’t beneficial for everyone. Cross-country campaigns are effective when you get off the mark. But don’t use cross-country campaigns for too long, the same as auto-campaigns, to not waste the budget.  

And don’t forget that you can edit each campaign, so there is no need to launch it ‘just like it exists already.’ Advertising serves to increase profits.  

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Ihor Dubovetskyi

Ihor Dubovetskyi is the Amazon Advertising Expert and Founder of Profit Whales. As a full-service marketing agency for Amazon brands, it accelerates sales growth using on and off Amazon traffic. This gives brands an edge over competitors and diversifies the revenue streams while increasing a business evaluation.

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