Are You Missing out on Sales by Not Utilizing PPC Outside of Amazon?  

Mar 17, 2022

Are you not utilizing PPC outside of Amazon? As an Amazon marketplace seller, it’s so easy to get hooked on concentrating all of your resources and ad budgets within Amazon’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model. But have you considered moving some of your efforts and ad spend onto Google?  

With some clever PPC tactics and a little know-how, it’s easy to get ahead of the game and get the run on your competitors. Keep reading for some of BRANDED’s top hints and tips! Discover how you can give your brand a boost and increase your sales with Google Ads. 

Right Place, Right Time – for Paid Advertising 

Google is where a lot of customers start their online shopping journey. This is exactly where you, as a marketplace seller, can target new customers and drive external traffic with clever search ads.  

Ultimately, the Amazon marketplace algorithm loves outside traffic – but it loves outside traffic that converts even more. Bringing in your own direct traffic is rewarded by Amazon, both regarding your visibility on the platform and financially. The more traffic you bring, the better Amazon will rank your products and brand.

Excitingly, Amazon is now offering their boldest ever seller incentive with the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus scheme. Every time a shopper clicks on an off-Amazon ad and makes a purchase, any Brand Registered Sellers enrolled in the reward program receive a bonus of 10%, as a credit on your referral fee. Win-win!  


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PPC outside of Amazon

How to Get Started 

Using PPC outside of Amazon with Google Ads as part of your PPC strategy, you can bring a multitude of benefits. Primarily, Google search ads are focused on customers who are looking for a specific product, usually with the intent of buying. By driving bottom of the funnel traffic onto your product page with paid ads, as you would do with Amazon, you open up your product to a much larger, interested audience. 

Now, to get started, read on for some of BRANDED’s Top Tips.

BRANDED’s PPC Top Tips for running PPC outside of Amazon

Keywords are Key: 

Carefully consider what your ad keywords will be. These will form the basis of your Paid Search Ads campaign and dictate how much your campaign could cost. Your keywords describe the product you promote and help Google make sure that your ad is relevant to the searcher. There are many free keyword research and generator tools available which will help you find the most appropriate ones to use. 

Consider using ‘Amazon’ in your keywords to get a better likelihood of conversion. Did you know that many people actually start their Amazon product searches on Google as the first point of contact? Combining a very specific product search term with ‘Amazon’ means you’ll pick up traffic using Amazon as a jumping-off point for little cost. For example, a long-tail keyword like ‘Amazon lavender dog shampoo’ would not only pick up external traffic searching Google for that product on Amazon but would also drive those customers straight to your specific product page – and to conversion.  

Also, think about using single keyword ad groups to laser focus your copy. Having better, more accurate, and relevant ads will help boost your advertising quality score on Google and ultimately reduce your CPC. 

Track and Test 

To really get the most out of your PPC strategy, tracking the performance of your Google Ad in relation to your Amazon listings is key. Amazon Attribution is a free tool created by Amazon that allows sellers to measure the performance of their external advertising campaigns.  

To track clicks and conversions accurately, you will need to use an Amazon Attribution URL or tag in your ad. You will then be able to see your data easily, track promotions and budgets. Also, you will discover how your external marketing is driving your Amazon sales. With Amazon Attribution, a brand can measure the impact of a particular campaign and see how customers find your products. Ultimately, you will see what converts them to purchase.  

Take Your Time! 

Allow time and costs for testing out different campaigns for different keywords. Using all the tools and reporting available, you will soon be able to see which strategies and keywords are working best for you. Be patient, it may take a little time to get the balance right.  

Focus on one or two products at first to really assess the increase in clicks and conversions and see how your ranking is affected. You will soon be able to see where you can add new campaigns and adjust keywords and ad metrics.  

Strategize for Sales

Consider what products or pages you want to promote specifically. Ask yourself whether you’re aiming to boost sales for a particular product or a whole range of items? Will you be including any discounts to increase your conversion rates?  

The next thing to think about is where you want to send your customers once they’ve clicked on your ad. Your keywords will help define where customers are expecting to be sent. By being specific, you are more likely to convert clicks to sales. One of the best ways to have a positive effect on your Amazon ranking is to focus your external traffic conversions on ‘add to cart’. 

Start out by setting your bid strategy to focus on getting the maximum number of clicks. You can instruct Google to give you the most clicks possible for your budget. 

Make Your Ad Real Estate Count 

This is one of our must-haves. Make use of ad extensions when running your campaign on Google Paid Ads. Not only will you increase your physical ad real estate on screen (thereby making your competitor’s ads less visible) but you can increase your chances of clicks and conversions with even more space for a persuasive copy! 

PPC outside of Amazon

Get Your Ads Working for You 

Ads are just the answers to questions. Usually, the top sellers on Amazon are the ones who get all the little details right and look at their brand holistically. They will research precisely where and how their Paid Ads will generate the most clicks and conversions. Using Google Ads to boost your sales and promote your brand is an easy, low-risk opportunity. With a little ad spend and patience, you will soon see the results.  

By using PPC outside of Amazon to host your PPC ads, you’ve also got the upper hand on many of your competitors. Your potential customers are going to see your product as a standalone prospect before they see other similar items on the Amazon platform.  

At BRANDED, our teams of e-commerce experts apply specialist marketing strategies. This includes shrewd planning to make the most of PPC campaign budgets and get the best conversions and sales possible for your business. Our mission is to grow and accelerate our brands to successes they had never thought possible. Contact us today. Learn more about how we can speed up and amplify your brand growth with tactics like the above. 

About the author

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Adrien Darracq, Senior Manager, Performance Marketing 

After 10 years in digital marketing, Adrien joined BRANDED to develop all external traffic activities toward our brands on Amazon and DTC websites. Building a team of paid advertising specialists, BRANDED aims to stay at the top of ad performance. We do this by following all trends and opportunities across numerous channels. Adrien and his team strongly believe innovation and testing are keeping BRANDED one step ahead and make them extremely passionate about their work. 

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