Amazon Posts & Reasons to Integrate Them Into Your Advertising Strategy

May 26, 2022

The one thing missing from the Amazon platform is direct brand engagement with the customers. By introducing Amazon Posts, the platform is trying to overcome that issue. 

This new creative tool enables brands to tell their story and connect with their shoppers. Essentially, Amazon Posts is a new browsing experience that allows brands to post their social media content on Amazon. 


What Are Amazon Posts?


Amazon Posts is a simple but innovative tool that helps brands grow their organic reach for free. Brands can now post their branded content to make the brand more attractive to shoppers. This content is published through the Amazon feed, similar to any other social media feed.


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The main difference between other social platforms and Amazon’s feed is the potential for customer engagement with the post. For example, on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, you can like and comment on posts, whereas on Amazon, you can simply choose to follow a brand and click on the image, which will take you to the brand’s storefront or product’s detail page.


Getting Started With Posts


Amazon Posts are available (for now) only in the U.S to both vendors and sellers. The enrollment process is pretty straightforward, and to use Amazon Posts, you have to meet only two requirements:

  1. You need to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry
  2. Your brand must have a storefront

If you meet the said criteria, sign in to Amazon Posts, confirm your brand registry, upload a logo, and you are all set.

The next step would be simply uploading the image, adding an engaging caption and the products you would like to post. Amazon will then assign category tags to your posts, and the post will be displayed where deemed appropriate by the algorithm.


Where Do Amazon Posts Appear?


Amazon Posts can appear in a couple of placements, but the algorithm decides whether or not your posts will be displayed anywhere besides your brand feed.

Usually, the posts appear in the following placements:

  • Your Brand Feed – You can locate it by going to your storefront and finding the page that says “POSTS” (automatically added, you don’t need to set it up yourself). You can see which tags Amazon generated for the product, which products show up, and how your caption fits the product image. 


Amazon Posts


  • Category Feed
  • Related Products Feed


Amazon Posts


  • Product Detail Page – This is one of the most interesting placements for your post. It’s a fantastic opportunity to tie your brand story together with your A+ content, as they usually show up as a carousel in this placement.

Additionally, your post can show up on the competitor’s detail page, which can easily lead to you stealing your competitors’ customers.

The one thing to remember is that the algorithm decides where to display the posts, so you can not control the targeting. The decision is based on engagement metrics such as click-through rate. 


Should I use Amazon Posts?


The answer is—absolutely yes! Amazon Posts gives you this fantastic opportunity to improve your branding and reach a bigger audience free of charge. 

The posts help you lead relevant traffic to your listings, introduce people to the brand, and finally get conversions without ad costs. Suppose your advertising CPC is $1, and on average, you are getting 40 clicks to your detail page or storefront from Amazon Posts. That means saving 40 dollars a week while targeting a relevant audience, engaging your brand with interested shoppers, and reaching converting customers.


I believe Amazon Posts will work even better for brands that have already carefully curated their online presence on other social platforms. You can adjust and reuse the creatives already created for Instagram or Facebook and post them on Amazon. There’s an option to give edit permissions to your social media team. So they can simply edit and reuse the posts to meet the Amazon Posts eligibility criteria.


How to Track Posts’ Performance


You can find the most relevant data on Amazon Posts Publisher. Namely, it displays some key metrics related to your post’s performance in a chart and graph form. 

The crucial metrics displayed are:

  • Viewable Impressions – The number of times where at least 50% of your post was displayed
  • Engagement – the combined rate of all clicks that occurred with your post, such as clicks to expand caption, clicks to storefront/the detail page, or follows
  • Product Clicks – the number shows how many times a shopper has clicked on one of the products advertised within the post
  • Reach – this number tells you how many individual customers you have reached with the post

In addition to these metrics, you can export a report which gives you even more insight into your Amazon Posts’ performance. This includes a detailed overview of whether the customer engaged with your post by clicking on a detail page of the displayed product/storefront and if they decided to follow your brand after reading one of the posts. You can see the performance of each post and figure out which types of posts lead to the best results.


What’s the Future of Amazon Posts?


Amazon Posts are currently in Beta and available only in the United States. Amazon is still working on it, updating its features and content creatives. It’s one of the biggest crossovers between an e-commerce platform and social media, so it’s safe to assume it’s here to stay.

One of the newest metrics that Amazon added just a couple of months ago is followers. It tells us that Amazon encourages brands to stay active and use posts to build communities and expand brand awareness.

All this is in favor of Amazon’s customer-oriented policy. It also gives the shoppers a better insight into who they are buying from to make a more informed decision on their purchases.

It’s true that testing and trying works on Amazon. There’s no foolproof method to win the number one spot, get an incredible conversion rate, and achieve monumental brand awareness. However, you can always test, try, and see what works for your brand. We can apply the same logic to Amazon Posts. It’s free, fun, and can help your brand grow, so why not give it a chance?

About the author

Aleksandra Živadinović

Aleksandra Živadinović is a very talented Senior PPC Strategist who entered the world of Amazon PPC back in 2020. Before joining Amazonia PPC, Aleksandra worked as a Sales and Customer support agent for a New York company, making her a subject matter expert on the local culture and marketplace.

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