7 Essential Skills That Every Amazon PPC Specialist Must Have

Apr 12, 2022

Getting more sales through Amazon PPC Advertising is increasingly becoming in demand in the Amazon seller community. For this reason, the need for highly skilled experts in the Amazon PPC Advertising field is simultaneously rising as well. This demand requires not just any type of advertising help but support from a more seasoned, skilled, and all hands on deck person. An Amazon PPC Specialist who can confidently assure Amazon sellers that they will manage their ad campaigns expertly.

When hiring an Amazon PPC Specialist, you not only want to make sure they have experience with PPC ads but that they have the right skills fitting for your needs. PPC experts come with a great variety of skills and experiences. Some may have specific training and degrees, while others will have certifications and years in the industry. Many of them will have mixed skills, ranging from exciting creativity to intelligent analysis. 

To help you identify your first or next Amazon PPC Specialist, we’ve narrowed down a list of necessary skills you need to look out for:


Good Communication



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Among the many skills that Amazon PPC Specialists should possess, communication skills are ‌one of the most important. Communication should also come in various forms and not simply through emails. A good Amazon PPC Specialist will need to be communicative through written, verbal, and other communication forms. Without this skill, communication between you and your PPC expert will be strained, making it difficult for you to meet your brand’s objectives and goals or discuss and collaborate on new plans for your ad campaigns. 

Look out for these signs that show you’re having successful communication with your Amazon PPC Specialist:


  • Goals are established along with the achievements you want to attain with the ads
  • Transparency is a constant with your communication in such a way that your PPC ads expert never misses to tell you about opportunities your business can benefit from
  • Each party is aware of the limitations and expectations in communication (i.e., schedules, workload limits, priorities, holidays, etc.)
  • Your Amazon PPC Specialist is aware of your desired outcomes for your ad campaigns, whether it’s conversion, impressions, or visibility
  • Amazon PPC Specialist communicates complicated analytical data to you and makes sure you become well-versed with jargon
  • You get scheduled reports that neatly and accurately tell you where you’re at with the ad campaigns
  • Any changes, big or small, to existing campaigns are reported to you 
  • Your Amazon PPC Specialist raises awareness of problems and flags them without waiting for hours or days
  • Plans for mitigating any issues or errors are created and then discussed with you without delay
  • Communication platforms are available for you to ‌reach your PPC Specialist
  • To eliminate confusion, task statuses are clearly stated by the PPC Specialist to determine whether they have been completed or not
  • If your designated PPC Specialist is away, there should be a temporary replacement specialist from the team designated to handle your ads
  • Emails are promptly and accurately exchanged and answered
  • Calls are arranged to discuss actionable plans, statuses of campaigns, campaign budgets, and other matters that require your attention

Why is it important?


An Amazon PPC Specialist who voices out their opinions and recommendations is someone essential to your team. Thanks to their excellent communications skills, you can be on top of your brand’s ad campaigns. Throw ideas with each other and discuss processes that can support decision-making tasks. Collaborate on tasks that need more than one pair of eyes to accomplish, among many other tasks. 

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Statistics Know-How


Part of being the PPC Expert of the team is not just making decisions for the ad campaigns but also analyzing statistics. The data that comes with paid advertising is vast and elaborate, making it only the trained eye of an ads expert to interpret and use in their next campaigns. A good Amazon PPC Specialist understands that every campaign will have unique click-through rates (CTRs), conversions, clicks, and impressions. Through the data they’ve received, they can analyze data more clearly and eventually formulate profitable decisions for your business. Their choices are not only centered around planning but encompass every decision involved in the beginning, middle, and end of every ad campaign they handle.


Why is it important?


Amazon PPC Advertising has many complicated aspects, especially those involving numbers. Without proper knowledge of statistics, your PPC expert may not be able to lead you to make decisions that can be profitable both for your brand’s marketing purposes and your advertising budget. Knowing a great deal about statistics, your hired PPC expert can also provide constant improvement for your ads’ performance. It shortens and eliminates the long thought process you might have been making about what will work best for your ad campaigns.


Timeliness and Curiosity for New Trends


An expert behind the business needs to be on top of the latest news and trends. This helps maintain and keep the company at its peak. Being in the know needs to be a constant in your Amazon PPC ads expert’s tasks list. Doing this is beneficial for outsmarting Amazon’s algorithm in order to create better ad campaigns. It can be something they can focus on when they have free time after making efforts to create and optimize your ad campaigns. 

Similar to product listings, Amazon ads also experience different waves in trends for every ad type. When your PPC expert becomes aware of these ad content trends, they position your brand’s image better, communicating to others that your brand keeps up with the times and is constantly improving to suit their target market better. 


Why is it important?


Knowing the latest industry trends can also help PPC experts make better decisions when creating and managing your campaigns. Another benefit is when general changes happen for specific ad types, campaigns, platform add-ons, and overall processes. Your Amazon PPC Specialist will need to know that these changes are occurring so that they can plan and decide better based on the updates. Staying on top of things will also help your Amazon PPC Specialist roll out engaging ad campaigns that abide by newly-released rules and requirements. This makes your brand’s ads less likely to be flagged or, worse, taken down with penalties due to neglecting to follow Amazon’s standard requirements for ad campaigns showing on and off their platforms. 

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Consumer Knowledge


An Amazon PPC Specialist’s knowledge is not limited to knowing all there is to manage and create your ad campaigns, understanding analytics and statistics, and being in the know of Amazon advertising trends. Your Amazon PPC Specialist must also gain an understanding of your consumers as well. While they may have a statistical report of how much business your brand is getting, your specialist needs to know the psychological aspects of your customers, such as their consumer behavior. Knowing this information will allow them to figure out what types of ads will work best for your audience and eventually use that information in the ad creation process. 


Why is it important?


By knowing your consumer’s purchasing behaviors, your specialist will be able to determine the type of ads that can work best for your audience based on your goals. These goals include raising awareness, maximizing impressions, generating qualified leads, increasing conversions, creating engaging content, etc. 


Knowledge of Keyword Research


While statistics compose a large part of most ad campaign tasks, it’s also important to consider the keywords that will be used for your ad campaigns based on how customers look for products and services on Amazon. Understanding the psychology behind the customer journey is another crucial part of creating and managing ads. One part of the customer journey is their search intent, which involves keyword research. Amazon PPC Specialists won’t guess keywords at the top of their heads. Ad Experts use powerful tools that guarantee a list of keywords that web visitors on Amazon are searching for. 

Keyword research is not a simple task on its own. It requires experts to not only rely on their tools but also to keep up with the trends. They need to test out the keywords they’ve researched by including them in their ad campaigns. The keywords used for campaigns must be those found in tools and those that fit the brand’s target market and are optimized for the business. 

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Why is it important?


Using the right Amazon keyword tools and picking the best keywords is one thing; being creative with implementing them on ad campaigns is another. Using trending keywords is not enough to launch a successful ad campaign. Those keywords also need to be used creatively to make attention-worthy and lasting impressions that can speed up your ad viewers’ journey to becoming a customer. 


Time Management and Organization


Similar to many eCommerce and advertising roles, Amazon PPC Specialists also face a mountain of tasks with varying degrees of difficulty and longevity. Tasks are seemingly endless for PPC specialists, especially when handling and creating campaigns. Some may be more time-consuming than others and will have different levels of urgency, making time management a must-have skill. 

Through good time management, sudden changes can be accounted for without sacrificing the time allotted for specific scheduled tasks. This way, the tasks you’ve communicated with your Amazon PPC Specialist will be finished on schedule. And if not, there won’t be too much time lost between planning and completion. 


Why is it important?


Timing and organization go hand-in-hand in PPC Management like that in most projects. When your PPC Specialist crafts a workable plan and plans around downtime, then delivery will almost always be carried out smoothly. Good planning requires an understanding of roles, plans, goals, responsibilities, timing, and organization of tasks. Using that combination of planning elements, your Amazon PPC Specialist will be able to foresee any setbacks that can affect the schedule they created, ensuring the success of your campaigns in the long run.


Knowledge of PPC Tools


Tools for managing and optimizing PPC campaigns are considerably pricey, given the amount of valuable information they provide. The high cost of using these tools should correlate to your chosen Amazon PPC Specialist’s amount of skills. After all, why spend so much on tools when they can’t be maximized to their full potential if your specialist cannot utilize them to that extent? 

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Why is it important?


Amazon PPC Specialists do not rely on experience alone to make ad campaigns a success. With the help of excellent PPC tools, Ad Management Specialists can work smoothly on campaigns daily. Also, many PPC tools can assist specialists with collecting accurate data, generating reports, and implementing procedures and strategies that can assure the success of the ad campaigns they handle. Without the right tools, PPC Specialists and business owners alike will stay in the dark about the lowest to the highest level of information they need to know about their advertising efforts. Therefore, these tools are essential to any Amazon business running ads. 



Working with a great Amazon PPC Specialist to help get the word out about your brand is one of the best decisions you can make for your business.  This makes the careful search a crucial task. To make it less complicated or daunting, it’s always better to have a list of skills you want your PPC Specialist to have. Do this before looking for applicants from various platforms and websites. 

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